Friday, May 27, 2011

2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs Predictions - Round 4

The Stanley Cup Final is now set. The Boston Bruins will play the Vancouver Canucks starting on Wednesday night. I had originally picked a Boston/San Jose Final so this isn't too bad.

Last round I went 1-1 with my picks which brings my overall playoff record to 8-5. Even if I guess wrong this next round I'll still finish above .500. Not too shabby for someone who in the past has been terrible with playoff predictions.

(1) Vancouver Canucks vs. (3) Boston Bruins - Boston in 7
I know that the Canucks are heavily favored to win. The one thing that everyone has been forgetting about is the fact that the Canucks haven't had to play an overly physical team yet. Sure the Blackhawks got a bit rough with them in the last to games of their first round series. But so far the Canucks have had a fairly easy road to the Finals compared to Boston. If Boston is healthy enough to play a physical series with the Canucks this could give them the edge to win.

Boston's last trip to the Finals was in 1990 and Vancouver's was in 1994. Both lost and Vancouver has never won a Cup at all. Both cities fans deserve to see the trophy hoisted in their city (yes, even though I hate the Canucks). Regardless of who wins we're all treated to another round of Cam Neely sitting in the pressbox looking like he might kill someone!


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