Sunday, June 26, 2011

For a Limited Time Only - My Favorite Fast Food Burgers

Oh fast food....It's my Achilles heel and I'm an even bigger sucker for the limited time offers. I think we were all suckered in as kids when McDonald's would have the Happy Meal offer with those awesome Muppet Babies toys in them. I still remember going to Subway in the early 90's to get my Terminator 2 meal. It was just an Italian BMT combo with a collectible cup. But it didn't matter to me because 1) Terminator 2 was awesome, 2) it had a collectible cup, and 3) it was on for a limited time only. I think I went back to that Subway another 5 times before it was over. The T2 meal was just the beginning of my love affair with short time deals. Here are my 5 favorite limited time only meals.

#5 - Burger Bundles (Burger King)

Yes, those are just sliders and yes, every single restaurant serves them but in the 80's nobody really served the slider yet. Plus, I was 8 year old when these came out and they were small like me so I was all over them. I'm sure they tasted like garbage but for kids it's all about the presentation.

#4 - Chilli Meltdown Burger (Dairy Queen)

Coming in at over 9000 calories was the 1/2 pound Chilli Meltdown Burger from DQ. This was sold for a brief period in the summer of 2008 and it quickly became a favorite of mine. It was just a double cheeseburger with onions and chilli but it was messy and so very good. Dairy Queen doesn't have it on their menu anymore; however, since they have chilli you would think that they could still make you this heart attack in a bun.

#3 - Hockey Hero Sandwich aka. Super Hero Burger (McDonalds)

I could probably fill a list of ten limited edition items from McDonald's. This one hasn't been offered since 1995 and in the US it was known as the Super Hero Burger. It was used as a promotional tie in for the movie "Batman Forever" and here in Canada it was called the Hockey Hero Sandwich because of a tie in with the NHL. This beast featured three patties and two pieces of cheese on a larger hoagie bun. It's a shame it hasn't been back since.

#2 - Bacon Mushroom Melt (Wendy's)

Oh Wendy's, why can't you offer this melted cheesy goodness all year? Unlike the previous three burgers, this one is still offered at least once a year for a limited time only. This has all the ingredients of a good burger; cheese, bacon, and mushrooms. Oh and it's messy and pretty much the perfect burger.

#1 - McRib (McDonald's)

You know the saying "the customer is always right"? Well why do you think McDonald's is so successful? They know what their customers want and they market the hell out of it. My wife's cousin operates a McDonald's and I remember asking him a few years ago, "when are they bringing back the McRib"? He said to me "they won't bring it back since it's a terrible product". Move head six months and not only was it back but some locations were even sold out of this processed pork delight. The McRib will never win any culinary awards but you have to admit that you have a soft spot for this BBQ soaked greasy delight.

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