Saturday, July 16, 2011

Obscure Residents of Springfield - Brittany Brockman

As I've talked about many times on here before, The Simpsons is my favorite show. I fully recognize that the show isn't quite what it used to be. That's ok with me because you can watch pretty much any episode and catch little things that you may have missed before. Part of this is due to the fact that there are so many great characters on the show. Of course you have your regulars like Homer, Bart, and Marge. But there's such a great list of other secondary characters like Mr. Burns, Moe, and Lenny & Carl. But every now and then you'll watch an episode and you'll be like "wow, I haven't seen Uter in like three years" or "they never show Wendell anymore". I'm a big fan of the rarely referenced characters. With that said, let's explore one of Springfield's more obscure residents.

Brittany Brockman

Who is she: Daughter and presumably only child of Channel 6 news anchor Kent Brockman (aka. Kenny Brockelstein)

Episodes: Brittany only has any legitimate screen time in two episodes. The first was in season 5's "Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy" where she convinces her dad to do a story on the new Lisa Lionheart doll that Lisa is helping to create. She can also be seen in Season 7's "Scene's from the Class Struggle in Springfield". In that episode Marge is trying to get the family in a snooty country club and there's a scene at that club where Brittany is yelling at a server named Fritz for bringing her a bologna sandwich which wasn't what she ordered.

Interesting Facts:
- Kent Brockman does a story on Lisa Lionheart only because Brittany was the one who told him to do a story on the Berlin wall.
- Head is unfortunately the exact same shape and looks identical to Kent Brockman. This seems to be a common occurrence in Springfield with parents and their children. (eg. Milhouse)


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